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Bail Reform is Coming to California - SB 10

What is Senate Bill 129?

California’s Senate Bill 129 will dramatically alter how the state manages pretrial defendants, shifting a heavier burden onto courts, counties, and sheriffs to monitor released individuals and provide comprehensive pretrial services.

Bail Reform is Coming to California - SB 10

We Have Solutions

SB 129 diverts more pretrial defendants to community supervision as they await trial. Judges, probation, and pretrial service agencies need to maximize public safety, court appearances, and release of individuals while also seeking least restrictive options. We have implemented a continuum of proven solutions for pretrial release defendants throughout California for more than two decades.

Electronic Monitoring

The leader in electronic monitoring for four decades, BI supports agencies with technologies that are effective, flexible, and fair alternatives to jail. We offer multiple products, intuitive software platforms for officers, even less restrictive options including secure mobile devices and apps to keep defendants engaged in the court process.

Electronic Monitoring for Bail Reform in California - SB 10
Pretrial Support Services for Bail Reform in California - SB 10

Pretrial & Release Services

Managing community reentry programs nationwide, GEO Reentry Services offers case management services that assist pretrial service agencies to maintain compliance to conditions of release, connect individuals with helpful community resources, and reduce failures to appear. Behavior change programs are available, too.

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Our organization is poised to assist probation and pretrial agencies to supervise pretrial defendants using a continuum of response.